ANG Shore Power Converters allow your boat to plug in at any dock all over the world, regardless of the frequency, the voltage and the form provided by the Marina.

ANG Shore Power Converters accept any frequency from 40 Hz to 440 Hz, any voltage from 110V to 520V, any input Form Single and/or Three Phase (European and American standards) and they convert to the voltage, phase and frequency needed for your boat.

All our converters are universal, accept any input power and provide the selected output for the user. They are able to convert frequency, voltage and phase at the same time.

ANG Shore Power Converters carry over 30 years of experience in marine electrical conversion and are able to supply the correct power when connected to the most common dockside voltages: from 110V to 520V Auto-Ranging, Single and/or Three Phase.

ANG Shore Power Converters have the Auto-Ranging Multi-Voltage Input System and the Single&Three-Phase Input Form System.

All the ANG Three-Phase Converters allow the boat to be connected to Single-Phase or Three-Phase thought the same shore power cord. The power can be supplied even if the Form (Phase) requested for the boat is not available. This is a unique feature that only ANG converters are able to provide.

The power of the ANG Shore Power Converters is expressed in kW, not in kVA (Cos-Phi 0.8). For example: 10KW at Cos-Phi 0.8 equal 12KVA or 10KVA at Cos-Phi 0.8 equal 8.4 KW. This feature ensures that the power declared is real.

ANG Shore Power Converters are provided with single or dual input, forced cooling System and weather sealed electronic system.

Moreover, all models are equipped with: isolation transformers, data display, input and output metering, aluminum construction (antirust), auto-restart, Tropicalization Circuits, over temperature, overload and over-voltage protections and they come with 2 (two) year international warranty.

The output power of ANG Shore Power Converters has a superior quality than the shore voltage supply since they ensure a pure sinusoidal wave.

All models operate at a nominal voltage with +/-10% tolerance.

All ANG Shore Power Converters are manufactured with very reliable technology and top quality components. They are designed to give our customers the most efficient and reliable Shore Power Converter.

ANG allows global sailors to be sure that their electrical voltage and frequency requirements will be fulfilled worldwide.


– Dimensions and size of the converter adaptable to customer need.

– Communication System: RS 232 or Ethernet.

– Remote Touch Panel.

– Degree of Protection IP54 for outside installation.


Complies with European certification and compatible with American standards.



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