ANG Boost (IsoBoost)

IsoBoost Marine Isolation Boost Transformers and voltage stabilizer


ANG-BOOST™ (IsoBoost) combines an Isolation Transformer with a Boost Voltage Increase Circuit in order to provide the automatic rise of line voltage and the complete safety to your boat.

The ANG-BOOST™ (IsoBoost) increases the boat’s voltage when it decreses due to low shore voltage.

Our Marine Isolation Boost Transformers (IsoBoost) provide the correct voltage to the onboard equipment as well as preventing turning off in the event of a sudden voltage drop or damage in case of excessive increase (within a given range).

Our Marine Isolation Boost Transformers (IsoBoost) ensure the protection of all the marine electrical equipment.

The output voltage is boosted if the supplied voltage is too low.

Moreover, the SOFT START allows the boat to be safely powered by the shoreline, limiting the peak current that normally occurs when the transformers are inserted.

The special electronic circuitry keeps the boat’s power supply at the right level, avoiding unpleasant voltage drops that can be seen in the lighting or in the installed equipments.

ANG-BOOST™ (IsoBoost) is equipped with a BY-PASS system, which allows the user to exclude the ANG-BOOST™ (IsoBoost) in the event of a failure or breakdown. The system will supply the power directly from the shore voltage and will also guarantee the isolation on the boat.

ANG-BOOST™ has the automatic Auto-Restart from high voltage, low voltage, blackout and overload.

ANG Boost - Charles IsoBoost Comparison

the ANG-BOOST™ has the static system with Seamless technology, the soft start, auto-restart and by-pass systems as standard features, while for the Charles Iso-Boost these were all optionals.

Moreover, the ANG-BOOST™ transformer is lighter than the Charles Iso-Boost and is available in seven (7) models, all equipped with Toroidal Transformer, the new generation and the best quality transformer on the market.

In addition, the ANG-BOOST™ has three steps (two steps up 15% and 7.5%) while Charles Iso-Boost only had two steps (one step up 15%); the ANG-BOOST™ steps are adjustable, a feature not available for Charles isolation transformer.

ANG-BOOST™ comes with a 2 year warranty, whereas Charles Iso-Boost had only a one year warranty.


The ANG-BOOST™ is designed to power the boat from a nominal voltage of 240 V with three operating thresholds:
– Shore Voltage from 178 to 209 V (+/- 3V): output voltage from 210 to 240 V (+/- 3V)
– Shore Voltage from 210 to 227 V (+/- 3V): output voltage from 224 to 242 V (+/- 3V)
– Shore Voltage from 228 to 253 V (+/- 3V): output voltage from 228 to 253 V (+/- 3V)
If the input voltage is less than 178V or higher than 253V, the output is deactivated.

The ANG-BOOST™ guarantees the maximum output current even in boost mode.

The following chart shows the output voltage curve secured by ANG-BOOST™ compared to the Shore Voltage.

ANG Boost - Voltage Curve Comparison


ANG-BOOST™ is provided with a LED Control Panel that indicates the operating status of the equipment.

ANG Boost Marine Isolation Transformer (IsoBoost) LED Indicator Panel

The LED lights indicate the operating status of the ANG-BOOST™.

  • POWER: Green Led light. Non-Boost Mode. Boat Voltage equals Shore Voltage.
  • BOOST: Yellow Led light. Boost Mode ON.
  • OVER TEMPERATURE: Red Led Light. Thermal Protection automatically shuts down the system until the temperature returns to a safe operating level.
  • LOW VOLTAGE: Solid Red Led Light. Shore Input Voltage below 178VAC, the system shuts down to protect the boat’s electrical equipment.
  • HIGH VOLTAGE: Flashing Red Led Blinking Light. Shore Input Voltage over 253VAC, the system shuts down to protect the boat’s electrical equipment.
  • BY-PASS: Red Led Light. Manual By-Pass ON. NON-Boost Mode, Boat Voltage equals Shore Voltage. Isolation Protection ON.


ANG Boost Marine Isolation Transformer (IsoBoost) Technical Specifications

  • ANG-BOOST™ is CE and ISO 9001 certified, it is manufactured with UL CERTIFIED components and complies with ABYC E-11 Standards.
  • SEAMLESS SYSTEM: ANG-BOOST™ is provided with SEAMLESS transfer system in order to avoid power interruption during the switching. The system automatically chooses the optimal point of switching without loss of power.
  • OVERLOAD ENDURANCE: ANG-BOOST™ is designed to withstand 30% overload for at least one hour.
  • ELECTRICAL PROTECTION: ANG-BOOST™ is provided with a protective shield. The shore grounding conductor is connected to a shield between primary (shore) and secondary (boat) transformer windings. This shield assures isolation on the boat for electrical protection.
  • BY-PASS SYSTEM: ANG-BOOST™ is provided with manual By-Pass system that allow to manually disconnect the Boost mode in case of breakdown and supply power from the shore. The by-pass system guarantees the isolation protection on the boat.
  • SOFT START SYSTEM: ANG-BOOST™ is provided with Soft Start System that assures the minimal current in-rush during the power up of the system.
  • FULL OUTPUT POWER GUARANTEED: ANG-BOOST™ ensures full output power even in boost mode. The output voltage is always stable.
  • AUTOMATIC THERMAL PROTECTION: ANG-BOOST™ is provided with a thermal protection that automatically shuts down the system until the temperature returns to a normal level. The unit will automatically restart when the temperature returns to a safe operating level.
  • AUTO-RESTART: ANG-BOOST™ automatically restart after high voltage, low voltage, blackout, and overload. ANG-BOOST TM is equipped with very low peak transformers.
  • The ANG-BOOST™ is provided with cooling fan system.
  • STATIC SYSTEM: the static switch doesn’t need any maintenance, the only required maintenance is the filter cleaning.
  • ANG-BOOST™ increases the output voltage in two steps up: 15% (1st step) and 7.5% (2nd step).
    1′ Step: from 175V to 209V + 15%
    2′ Step: from 210V to 227V + 7.5%
    3′ Step: from 228V to 253V non-Boost Mode (Shore Supply)
    The result is a more balanced power supply, eliminating over-voltages in the range 200/205 Vac and increasing the voltage in the range 205/227 Vac.
  • ANG-BOOST™ covers a wide voltage range gradually increasing the output voltage. (see comparative graph)
  • Aluminum Construction, AntiRust.
  • 2 year International Warranty

Before installing the ANG-BOOST™ you should read the manual carefully and ensure that the equipment is installed in a secured and safe place away from rain exposure, excessive moisture or excessive heat, in order to preserve the personal safety of users and the correct functioning.

The ANG-BOOST™ is intented for hard-wiring in a permanent location. The terminal block inside the equipment is accessible once the right side is removed.

The cable passage from the shore to the load is provided by two cable glands.

The following connection terminals are provided:

L1-A: Line Input phase
L2-A: Line Input phase
SH: Shore Grounding

L1-B: Output to load phase
L2-B: Output to load phase
N: Output to load Neutral
GND: Boat Grounding: it is necessary for user safety and for the safety of the connected equipment.

ANG Boost (IsoBoost) Connection Terminals

Standard Connection (USA/EU)

ANG Marine Isolation Boost Transformers (IsoBoost) Standard Connection

Power should be applied after all connections and terminations have been made and the terminal access cover is secure.


There are two fuses on the terminal board (5 x 20 1,6 A – T) marked with F1, F2 to protect the ventilation system and the power supply.


The ANG-BOOST™ is equipped with a by-pass which allows the power supply directly from the shore voltage, in the event of electronic system failure.

Read carefully the operating manual and follow the instruction before inserting the by-pass mode.


The entire production cycle of our equipment is subject to surveillance regarding quality assurance. The quality assurance system complies with ISO9001-2008 standard.


The ANG-BOOST™ is intended for installation inside a boat (engine room or elsewhere in the interior). Make sure the location is safe and secure.
Do not operate the ANG-BOOST™ if it has dropped, damaged, immerse in water etc..
Do not disassemble.

Only Certified and Qualified Technicians are allowed to operate the ANG-BOOST™.


Complies with ABYC E-11 Standards.

Declaration of Conformity:

All A.N.G. USA Inc. products are in conformity with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17050-1:2005 and UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17050-2:2005 standards.
We, A.N.G. USA Inc. 3200 S. Andrews Ave, suite 207 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, hereby declare that the product below conforms to the relevant requirements of the appropriate EU directive.
All components are UL CERTIFIED.

Applicable UE Directives:

  • 2006/95/CE (EU Directive on Electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits).
  • 2004/108/CE (EU Directive on Electromagnetic Compatibility).

Harmonized Standards:

  • CEI EN 55022:2006 Information technology equipment. Radio disturbance characteristics. Limits and methods of measurement.
  • CEI EN 61000-4-2/A2:2001 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 4: Testing and measurement techniques. Section 2: Electrostatic discharge immunity test.
  • CEI EN 62040-1-1:2003 Uninterruptible power systems (UPS). Part 1-1: General and safety requirements.
  • CEI EN 62040-1-2:2003 Uninterruptible power systems (UPS). Part 1-2: General and safety requirements.